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Why Travel To Guilin ?
Guilin Professional Photo Tour
Economical 3 Days Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour $360
Economical 4 Days Yangshuo & Longji Photo Tour $550
4 days Guilin Yangshuo Photography tour $2300
5-Day Yangshuo and Longsheng Photography Tour $3000
Guilin Yangshuo Longsheng Sangjiang Photo Tour $2800
4-Day Cat Mountain and Ziyuan Photography Tour $3200
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Guilin is a pearl of China. Green mountains, crystal clear waters, unique caves and beautiful stones are the distinguishing features of Guilin sceneries. Major attractions include Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, Reed Flute Cave and Seven-Star Park.
Guilin One Day Tour Highlights
Guilin One Day City Tour USD66
Li River Cruise, join into a group USD72
Li River Cruise, speed boat USD230
Guilin Li River Cruise (private guide) USD140
1 day tour of Longji Rice Terraces USD72
Typical Guilin Tour Packages
Guilin and Li River Cruise 2 day tour USD170
3 Days Guilin Yangshuo Tour USD265
4 days Guilin and Longji tour USD280
5-Day Guilin Yangshuo Country Tour USD395
6 days Ethnic Minority Culture Tours USD000
Li River Cruise is the essence part of Guilin tour. The views along the both banks are regarded as one of the most beautiful scenic area in China. The cruise will take you to Yangshuo, where is one of the most famous places tourists should not miss.
FIT Service and Guilin Photography Tour
Guilin Airport Roundtrip Transfer USD80
Price Lists for Guilin Tour Bus Rent USD45
Muslim Tour Package 3 Days Guilin USD340
4-Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo tour USD795
4-Day Cat Mt and Ziyuan Photo Tour USD825
5-Day Yangshuo, Longji Photo Tour USD925
Evening Shows And Entertainments
Cruise on 2 Rivers and 4 Lakes USD25
Impression of the 3rd Sister Liu USD30
Evening Show Dream like Li River USD20
longji show, evening Entertainment USD25
Cormorant fishing, entertainment USD25
Hot Air Balloon Ride in Yangshuo USD100
Longji rice terraces field is also a highlight of Guilin tour. The natural scenery, the primitive way of production and the unique customs of ethnic minorities in longji enrich the colors of Guilin tour.
Guilin, Yangshuo and Longji Hotel Reservation
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel
Sheraton Guilin Hotel
Guilin Bravo Hotel
Paradesa Yangshuo
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel USD125
Sheraton Guilin Hotel USD130
Royal Garden Hotel, Guilin USD120
Guilin Bravo Hotel USD65
Guilin Plaza Hotel USD65
Hotel Of Modern Art USD90
Guilin Hotel Universal USD60
Guilin Osmanthus Hotel USD55
Guilin Jingxiu Hotel USD45
Golden Elephant Hotel USD45
Paradesa Resort Yangshuo USD80
Yangshuo Tangrenjie Hotel USD50
Yangshuo Junhao Hotel USD45
Yangshuo Guifu Hotel USD50
Regency Holiday Hotel USD50
Yangshuo New Century Hotel USD65
Yangshuo Tulip Holiday Hotel USD45
Longsheng Vacation Centre USD80
Long Ji Ping An hotel, Guilin USD35
Yangshuo West Street Hotel USD380

Guilin Tour Attactions
Guilin city attractions More>>
Elephant Trunk Hill
Reed Flute Cave
Fubo Hill Park
Pictures of Li River More>>
Half-Side Ferry (Ban Bian Du)
Yellow Cloth Shoal, Li River
Nine Horse Mural Hill, Li River
Yangshuo tour attractions More>>
Sceneries in Yangshuo
West Street (Xi Jie), Yangshuo
Moon Hill in Yangshuo
countries and minorities More>>
Longji Rice Terrace Field
Ping An, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace
Jinkeng Rice Terraces, Yao minorities
China Tour Attractions More>>
Great Wall in Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Forbidden City, Beijing
Shopping, Dining, Traffic and Entertainment in Guilin
Dining in Guilin
Guilin Rice Noodle, Local Snack
Cuisines in Guilin
Recommend Guilin Restaurants
Yangshuo Restaurants
Halal Food Muslim Restaurants
Shopping in Guilin
Guilin Evening Market
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Guilin tourist souvenirs & market
Guilin Department Stores
Guilin special local products
Recreation in Guilin
Sports, Golf, Climbing & Drifting
Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River
Yangshuo Hot Air Balloon Rides
Guilin Traffic Info
Guilin Airport Information
Train Station and Timetable
Long Distance Bus Service

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