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Yangshuo Restaurants
Drifters Caf¨¦

This popular little restaurant in the centre of West Street is named after all of the people who have pinned their ¡®ten cents worth¡¯ to the walls and posts. With Western and Chinese cuisines available, house specialties include ¨C Shepherds Pie, Lasagne, Curried chicken and assorted Italian pasta dishes.
  Drifters Caf¨¦
7th Heaven   7th Heaven

A bigger restaurant than most on West Street, 7th heaven is right at the top of West Street with Western and Chinese cuisines available. With large seating capacity, 7th Heaven is great for larger tour groups
Buffalo Bar

The closest thing you will find to a Pub in Yangshuo. Buffalo Bar stocks Australian beer and is known for its amazing burgers and meat pies. Come by later to play pool, foosball or watch sports live on satellite T.V.
  Buffalo Bar
Cloud 9   Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is just off West Street across from KFC. This restaurant caters more to Chinese cuisines, though. If you want some Chinese food, this restaurant should be your first choice as they are also very accustomed to serving foreigners. 7th heaven and cloud 9 are ¡®sister¡¯ restaurants.
Caf¨¦ China

This restaurant is well known for its BBQ chicken and delicious cheese cakes. Located on West Street, they serve a variety of Chinese and Western cuisines. This is definitely a place to visit for lunch or dinner.
  Caf¨¦ China
Rock¡¯n Grill Caf¨¦   Rock¡¯n Grill Caf¨¦

The caf¨¦ is located on a quiet corner of two cobbled streets, with a huge paved forecourt eating area in front. Just a stones throw from the Li riverfront area, the caf¨¦ is opposite the buildings of a former residence, both of which help create a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere. The caf¨¦ is decorated in a cool green and white, with wide windows opening to the forecourt and an excellent indoor-outdoor flow. The interior is spacious and cool, with old-fashioned ceiling fans and a lot of green foliage. The well-stocked bar serves a variety of freshly squeezed juices, cocktails and a full range of coffees.
Twin peaks Cafe

Great location on the corner of West street.Very comfortable to site on the second floor with balcony.Take the good views with the West street. Good food,good service here.
  Twin peaks Cafe
Pure lotus Vegetarian Restaurant   Pure lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

The only vegetarian restaurant in Yangshuo.It is located in 7th Diecui road just under the Magnolia hotel.It is a very special and traditional chinese restaurant.All the dishes made from all kinds of fresh vegetables.

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