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Guilin Sports, Golf, Climbing & Drifting

Guilin Merryland Golf Club

An American designer created this 18-hole international tournament standard course that winds through high peaks in the front nine while the back nine are near the hills and water. Considering the mountains and water it makes good use of the natural curves and undulation of the hillsides and lakes, which makes it like nature itself. With a wonderful combination of modern technology and the marvelous landscape, this charming course melds into the beautiful natural scenery. Golf course is a 300 acre, 18 hole, par 72 that measures 7,073 yards.
Linghu Road,Xing'an,Guilin
Phone: +86 (773) 6229999

Guilin Twinpeaks Golf and Resort Club
Guilin Twinpeaks Golf and Resort is a 27-hole international golf course surrounded by majestic mountains where every swing brings out the desire to win as you have never experienced before. Historical footpaths from the Southern Song Dynasty, beautiful scenery of Yiao Mountain, old bridges, moon-lit pagodas, exquisite rock formations, precious art collections, garden promenades...... all you ever need to satisfy your senses and sensibility is right here. While vacationing in Guilin, the Twin Peak Golf and Resort Club provides you with full service from accommodation and meals to recreation and relaxation. Golf course is a 8,400-yard par 108.
Yang Men Dian, Zhao Yang, Guilin ¡¡¡¡
Phone: +86 (773) 5899749  +86 (773) 5882342

Guilin Li River Country Golf Club 
The master plan and course design of Li River Golf and Country Club was the creation of the outstanding American Chinese designer Lee Chang (the only Asian member of ASGCA). Making use of environmental features in the proximity of the Li River and nearby mountain precipices, the designer delicately sculpted the course while maintaining the integrity of the natural splendor of the surrounding scenery. The golfer can readily feel the tranquility and harmony of nature. The entire course has natural undulations, with the Li River snaking away from its eastern side, and has various shapes of brooks and ponds designed in harmony with rolling topography. This 18-hole 7,121 yard par 72 course has water in play on the front 9 while the back 9 holes have a mountain layout.
Address: Zhu Jiang Pier, Tourist Highway, Guilin
Phone: +86 (773) 3603618

Rock Climbing
The area around Guilin has a very distinctive karst topography. It is an area of unfathomable beauty with about 70,000 limestone towers in the incredible landscape. Heavy rains have left the living rock a perfect surface for climbing. Yangshuo has as many as 300 climbing routes of various difficulty levels.
For experienced climbers, finding partners won¡¯t be a problem. Just go to any climbing site and there are sure to be fellow travelers waiting. For beginners and climbers without equipment, there are seven climbing clubs in town that offer equipment rental, one or multi-day trips, and climbing guides.
In addition to its tourist spots and rock climbing, Yangshuo also offers mountain biking, swimming, bamboo rafting, and hot air ballooning.

Wu Pai River Drifting
Wu Pai River Drifting (A 2-hour drive north of Guilin City in Zi Yuan County) 
White water rafting down the scenic Wu Pai River in Zi Yua county.
Phone: (773) 4315888


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