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Train Station and Timetable

Guilin has two train stations. Guilin station (Guilin Zhan) is in the centre of town on Zhongshan Nanlu while Guilin North station (Guilin Bei Zhan) is far away from downtown area. Most, but not all, trains which originate/terminate in Guilin go to or come from Guilin North while trains which come through Guilin from elsewhere usually only go to Guilin station and not Guilin North.

Guilin is the destination of Xianggui(Hunan to Guangxi)Railway. Xianggui Railway is connected with Jingguang(Beijing to Guangzhou), Qiangui(Guizhou to Guangxi), Hugan(Hunan to Jiangxi)and other railways. There are 28 trains from or pass Guilin to Beijing, Shanghai, Hengyang, Nanning, Liuzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming and Xi'an every day. No.37/38 trains air trains for tourists from Guangzhou to Guilin.Guilin by now has 2 railway stations. Namely they are South Railway Station and Guilin Railway Station, both of which has spacious waiting hall, and lounges for foreigners, VIP guests, and excursion passengers. There are also information office, ticket office, baggage checking office, left-luggage office, food and beverage shops, and guesthouses in the railway stations.

The Guilin Railway Station is the hub of rail networks in southern China, located in the south of the city. It is very busy with two substations, the North Railway Station and the South Railway Station, operating 66 arrivals and departures each day.

Guilin is directly linked to Beijing (30 hours), Guangzhou (15 hours), Guiyang (18 hours), Kunming (28 hours), Shanghai (35 hours), and Xi'an (35 hours). Trains from Kunming and from westerly directions arrive and depart from the new substation in northern Guilin, while trains from northerly directions arrive and depart from the older substation in the west of Guilin.

There are trains from North (Beijing, Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai, Xian), West (Kunming), South (Liuzhou, Nanning, Zhanjiang), and East (Guangzhou, Shenzhen).

From Beijing ! If for some reason you need to rush from Beijing to Guilin or vice-versa, there are three trains on either direction. To Beijing, trains depart from Guilin (not Guilin Bei) at 12:59AM (train from Zhanjiang), 3:06PM (from Nanning) and 7:30PM. Journey time is between 22 hour to 30 hours, with the 3:06PM train being the fastest.

From Guangzhou and Shenzhen ! Two trains to Guangzhou daily, leaving at 6:04PM (from Liuzhou) and 8PM. The latter goes all the way to Shenzhen.

From Hong Kong via Guangzhou ! It is relatively easy to book a train ticket to either Shenzhen or Guangzhou on MTR, however note that if going to Guangzhou there are two stations in this city, the MTR trains terminate in "Guangzhou Station" and the domestic trains depart from the other "East" station which is on the other side of the city and a fairly long metro ride (English is on the Metro ticket machine). There is a metro entrance in the train station when you arrive in Guangzhou, and its a bit of a pain to find, just look for the stairs going down in a corner of the station. The tickets to Guilin are sold around the corner from this exit, you have to go outside the station and you'll see another set of ticket stalls. Whether there will be tickets available depends on how early you are booking, don't expect to get them for the day of travel.
From Kunming ! The fastest trains from Kunming are those which go via Nanning and the scenic Nankun railway, taking around 20 hours. Those going via Guiyang take at least 28 hours. If traveling to Kunming, trains depart Guilin at 5:46AM (from Zhengzhou via Guiyang), 8:52AM (via Nanning), 1:34PM (from Nanjing via Guiyang) and 7PM (from Shanghai via Nanning).
From Nanning ! There are around ten trains to choose from if coming from Nanning (5 to 6 hours). From Guilin (not Guilin Bei) to Nanning, trains depart at 12:13AM (train from Xian), 6:22AM (from Nanchang), 7:48AM, 8:09AM (train from Zhengzhou), 8:26AM, 8:52AM (train to Kunming), 2:36PM (train from Beijing), 4:13PM (from Wuxi), 4:05PM, 7PM (from Shanghai to Kunming). The fastest train is the 8:26AM, taking just 5 hours. All these trains stop at Liuzhou (2 hours from Guilin). One way hard seat ticket cost ¥65.



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