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What to see in Guilin?

Guilin, with its marvelous limestone scenery, is absolutely not to be missed. The Li River, winding its way among crags and hills, creates a timeless beauty that seems to belong to a landscape painting. Yangshuo, an idyllic small town set among tranquil, impressive country scenery, is a paradise where carefree backpackers and others could relax and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

Attraction Rank Attraction Rank
Li River 5A Reed Flute Cave 4A
Folded Brocade Hill 4A Fuli Ancient Town --
Jiuwu Ancient Village -- Baoding Waterfall --
Big Banyan Tree 3A Butterfly Spring Garden --
Cat Mountain 3A Changgang Village --
Cormorant Fishing -- Courtyard oF Qin Family --
Crown Cave 4A Daxu Ancient Town --
Eight Angle Mountain -- Elephant Trunk Hill 4A
Fengyu Cave 3A Fubo Hill 4A
Green Lotus Peak 3A Guilin Dragon Boat Festival --
Guilin Merryland Park 5A Guilin Museum 3A
Guilin Ocean Park -- Jiangtou Ancient Village --
Ling Canal 4A Liusanjie landscape Garden --
Longji Terraced Fields -- Longsheng Hot Springs 4A
Ming Tombs of Jingjiang Princes 3A Moon Hill --
Mt. Changgang -- Nanxishan Hill Park 3A
Qingshitan Reservoir -- Seven Star Cave 4A
Seven Star Park 4A Shangri La 4A
Silver Cave 4A Solitary Beauty Peak 4A
Temple of General Guanyu 3A Two Rivers and Four Lakes 4A
West Street -- Western Hill Park 3A
White Dragon Cave 3A Wupaihe Rafting --
Xingping Fishing Village -- Xiongshen Bear and Tiger Mountain Villa 3A
Yao Mountain 3A Yulong River(Meeting Dragon River) --
Yuzi Paradise 4A Zijiang River Rafting --

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