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Guilin Rice Noodle, Guilin Local Snack

Guilin Rice Noodle, Guilin Local Snack
Guilin Rice Noodle, Guilin Local Snack

The Guilin Rice Noodle: The Guilin rice noodle is the most popular local snack and the residents' favorite. The rice noodle is prepared with gravy, fried peanuts or soybeans, chopped scallions and slices of beef.

With its distinctive flavor, Guilin rice food provides a reputation rival its unique water and hills. The food is finely made with materials carefully chosen, and can be cooked with a various ingredients, while the best dish of which is made with horsemeat.

The rice noodle is first rinsed in a soup boiled with horse bones. Slices of cured and deep fried fresh horse meat and garlic are then placed on top of the noodle, after which a riot of seasoning is added, including hot cooking oil. A bowl of delicious rice noodle is ready now.


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