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Why Travel To Guilin ?

"Back to nature," said French philosophers 200 years ago. "Back to nature," say today's tourists. We have had enough of excess, unnecessary technology and pollution. More and more people are turning towards nature and the gift of virgin wilderness, pure water and fresh air. More and more tourists have a desire to experience untouched nature.

Where Guilin's scenery is world-renowned, it's also one of the most magnificent natural resources in China, the Li River is well preserved and protected. Guilin has learnt the impotence of living in harmony with nature and to protect it against encroachment. Therefore, what is unique about Guilin is that you find yourself surrounded by nature wherever you travel in the city. you can bicycle around the local counties for more oxygen and fresh air; you can go hiking along the Li River; you can spend one day long sitting on a bamboo-raft enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery along the river, or even playing a water war with your friends. Just imagine this scenario, a bunch of friends are playing games on a bamboo-raft, the fresh air, the pure water, the tranquil scene around you, this is a symphony of nature !

Guilin has a rich tradition in art and crafts. Actually, no matter where you are in china, you will discover the craftiness of the local people through the artistic aspects of their lives, Zhuang brocade, originated in the Tang Dynasty around the 7th century. The women of Zhuang Nationality use the weaving machine to make the brocade out of cotton, silk down, and locally produced silk threads. Typically, they make quilts, tablecloths, handbags, etc. The product has a strong local flavor and the patterns on the Zhuang brocade are mainly figures, flora and fauna and geometrical shapes. The brocade was so prized that the local government offered it to the imperial court and royal family in ancient times. The local art and crafts are particularly attractive and colorful .

Then there is food. Chinese noodle is famous all over the world, and Guilin rice noodle is the noodle of the noodle. With a nice flavor Guilin noodle is a must for the tourist. Trust me, you should try this when you are visiting Guilin. As for a snack, you certainly have a large range of choices. Most of them have unique-tasting specialty. Come to Guilin and taste it by yourself !

Guilin has also become the stage for a host of historical and cultural events. Such as "Impression of Liu Sanjie", Liu Sanjie is a famous legendary figure in Guilin, she has played a very important role in guangxi's culture. The famous Chinese director Zhang yimou has directed the drama  "impression of Liu Sanjie" in order to commemorate her. Guilin is also a hot spot for film cites, many directors come here to make films .

Better seen than heard. why are you hesitating? Pack up, come to Guilin and discover the beauty of Guilin !

Why Travel To Guilin ?
--Comments From World Celebrities
1. The Lid River is extraordinarily pretty, very unique in the word.
- Former Prime Minister of Denmark. Paul Hertling

2. Guilin has beautiful mountains and clear waters really rare in the word.
- Former UN Secretary-Generals. Kurt Walcheim

3. The impression of the landscape in Guilin is unforgettable.
- Former President of the Federal Re public of Germany Kart Kastens

4. The scenery of Guilin is like a fairyland in our dreams.
- Former President of Pakistan. Zia-ui-Haq

5. The natural scenery of Guilin is really charming, it is one of the most beautiful places in the word.
- Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jacque Sandel.

6. For sure, Guilin is the most exquisite and beautiful place which one has ever seen or one can imagine.
- Former USA President, George Bush

7. The beauty of Guilin is beyond and doubt.
- Former UN Scenery-general Perez de Guellar

8. The scenery of Guilin is really number one under heaven, unique on earth.
- Former Austrian President. Rudolf Kissischleiger

9. I heard of this place in my childhood. Only up to today I have seen what it really looks like.
- Former USA President Jimmy Carter

10. The landscape of Guilin should be listed as the world's eighth wonder.
- Former Italian Prime Minister. Andreott

11. I have visited more than 80 countries and over a hundred cities. I have found that no city can surpass the beauty of Guilin. Guilin is really a bright pearl in china.
- Former US President Nixon

12. No place in China is more evocative of the beauty of your country than Guilin.
- Former US President Clinton


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