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Recommend Guilin Restaurants

Guilnzai Offers traditional Guilin cuisine (Address)Longyin Lu (Phone number)583 5388 (Opening hours)10am to 9pm
Haodama meishi guangchang
Haodama Meishi Guangchang Food court specializes in Guilin snacks. (Address)Zhongshan Zhong Lu,inside Guilin Bagui Mansion (Phone number)286 9999 (Opening hours)10am to 9:30pm
Weixiang guan
Weixiang Guan Specializes in rice noodle dishe4s. (Address)Zhongshan Lu,across from WeixiaoTang (Phone number)281 4296 (Opening hours)10am to 10pm
Yueya lou
Yueya Lou Vegetarian resturant,their nun' s vagetarian noodle is very tasty. (Address) inside Seven Star Rark (Phone number)581 2236 (Opening hours)10am to10pm
Yiren bar
Yiren Bar Western-style bar. (Address)27 Yiren Lu27 (Phone number)281 2471 (Opening hours)1am to2pm

Daoxiangcun Restaurants
This traditional restaurant serves delicious Guilin cuisine in its large dining hall and they also have some private rooms. Address: Wenmin Lu

Good Aunt Restaurants
Good Aunt is a popular buffet-style eatery that serves tasty dishes from around the country. Address: Bagui Dasha

Guilin Ren Restaurants
This enormous buffet-style eating emporium has a fantastic array of foods from the region and indeed the world. You can watch the preparation and cooking process. The stretched noodles are excellent. Address: 128 Zhongshan Zhong Lu

Zhengyang Tangcheng Restaurants
This specialty soup-house makes a good stopping-off point after some shopping on Zhengyang Lu, particularly on a chilly winterí»s day. Address: Zhengyang Pedestrain Stree



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