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Guilin special local products

Guilin sanhua alcohol
guilin sanhua alcohol is reputed as one of three treasures of Guilin. As early as song dynasty, people here have started the brewage of Sanhua Wine. The wine adopted the name-Sanhua (means three flowers) for the fact that it should be brewed three times before the final products.

Fermented Beancurd
Started in the mid-Qing dynasty, Guilin Fermented Beancurd now boasts a long history of over 300 years. Its main material is well-chosen fresh bean. Featuring its softness and unique taste, Guilin Fermented Beancurd ranks the best of its kind in china.

Pepper Sauce
The main materials for Guilin Pepper Sauce are lobster sauce, garlic and Sanhua Wine. Hot, fragrant and tasteful, it is the best seasoning for your dishes. To the locals, the pepper sauce itself is an appetizing dish.

The mangosteen
The mangosteen produced in Guilin has elliptic shape, a dark brown color. It is a precious traditional Chinese medicine. The medicine made of its roots and fruit can help clear away the fever, dissipate the phlegm and replenish the stomach.

The pomelo produced in Guilin finds its markets all over china. The pear-like fruits are big, sweet and tasteful. It is one of the locals favorite fruits.


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