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Moon Hill in Yangshuo

Moon Hill is located amidst spectacular tower karst scenery just a couple of miles by road south of Yangshuo, China, and easily reached by side-car motorcycle taxi. The 110-foot opening pierces a limestone hill and provides spectacular views of the surrounding region. There is a small entrance fee at the trailhead to the arch.

Moon Hill in Yangshuo
Moon Hill in Yangshuo

Legend has it that there is a Guanghan Palace on the moon inhabited by the beauty Chang'e, the Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang the woodcutter. People in olden days thought they saw these immortals when they came upon spots on the moon's surface. Visitors to Moon Hill call to each other's attention that there are nature formed rock images of Chang'e, the Jade Rabbit and Wu Gang the woodcutter.

With 14 rock-climbing routes on the northwest side, Moon Hill offers sufficient challenge to both amateur and professional climbers.

Moon Hill in Yangshuo
Moon Hill in Yangshuo

The cave is about 50 meters in height and width and is shaped like an archway.
On a sunny day, blue sky and white clouds can be seen through the cave and on cloudy and rainy days, the "moon" is deep in mist. Viewed from different places, the moon takes on different shapes, sometimes full moon, sometimes half-moon and sometimes crescent, forming a marvelous spectacle in Yangshuo. A series of caves have been opened up not far from Moon Hill: the Black Buddha Cave, New Water Caves and Dragon Cave. If you head out to Moon Hill, you will undoubtedly be intercepted and invited to visit these other caves. Tthe villages people will always be pleased to see you and will give you a great welcome.

Moon hill is usually part of day's sightseeing. You can ride a bicycle through smaller villages to get to Moon hill. There are several routes that you cam take to get to Moon Hill.



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