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Impression of the third Sister Liu
Evening show Book
The Liu Sanjie Show in Yangshuo is a relatively new developed show and became an easy success. If you travel to Yangshuo, this show is a must see and worth all the money you spend. It was a huge outdoor performance with over more than 2 square kilometers natural stage on Li River, and over 700 actors and actresses perform in the show. The participants in the show are all local, mostly from Zhuang and Yao background.
 2 hours
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Liu Sanjie is a story that originates from the Zhuang minority people. The Zhuang are the largest minority group in China. The story is about a legend of a woman called Liu Sanjie, which means "third sister".

The legend tells the tale of Liu Sanjie who had a beautiful voice at very early age. Her voice was so beautiful it even could raise the dead. It became such a famous story that in 1960 a movie was released.

The story in the movie as in the legend and the movie is about a local gangster: Mo Huairen. The gangster falls in love with Liu Sanjie and wished to make her his concubine. The boyfriend and his friends in the village free her and the couple escape turning themselves in a pair of larks.

Zhang Yimou is the director of the show. By the time he created the show in Yangshuo, there's one now in Lijiang Yunnan too and another coming up in Hangzhou , he was already a famous director and won many prizes in and outside China.

Zhang Yimou uses the natural resources (therefore the name "Water show") of Yangshuo to give his show a maximum effect. The usage of lights and water emphasizes the beauty of the Li River and the limestone mountains in a way no one had seen ever.

This is a big performance with natural stage on water that you might have never seen or experienced before. An area of 2 kms along Lijiang River and 12 peaks as stage setting, tighter with boundless sky, compose the Shanshui Theatre with mountains and rivers the largest natural theatre in the world.

In this masterpiece of the creator, a brand-new performance on the natural stage setting of Guilin scenery is produced. Unlike the traditional artificial stage performance, the performance on the natural stage is a great work of man and god. No one knows how long this picturesque scenery has been waiting in rain and mists. Is its graceful image made for us? Peaks appearing indistinctly, the reflection of mountains in the water, misty rain and the sound of charming in the bamboo forest, are all ready to join in the performance as interludes. Suddenly this makes us learn the miraculous charm of this performance: we only do half of the work while the other half is done by the creator whose improvisation makes each scene fresh to us.

It's our great honor to have ZhangYimou as chief director. With his university acknowledge talent and creativity, he makes matchless works. In his eyes, the creator is green, representing a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Gratitude should be extended to another two young directors Wang Chaoge and Fanyue. They turn the concept of the performance into reality with their creative enthusiasm and practical ability.

Furthermore, we have top-gate designers of music, stage art, lighting and costume from home and abroad. I believe they are not chosen by the producer but the creator. In the past 5 years, we made numerous modifications to the plan of the performance, and now we are approaching its perfection. Here, all efforts of man are to make themselves a part of nature and become its spirit. It's green and it's peaceful. It's a baptism of nature and it's a return of human nature.

The performance named Folk Song Festival of Liu Sanjie (the Third Sisters of Liu)-Beautiful Lijiang River is held in the Natural Theatre, Yangshuo., China. Located at the joining point of Lijiang River and Tianjia River, the theatre faces the widely-known Scholar's Page Hill across the river.

Its auditorium looks like a green terrace with a panorama vision. Sitting there, the audience can natural scenery within an area of 2 kms along the river and the performance. Lighting and stereo sets are designed by cover means in order to integrate with the nature. There are 2200 seats for the audience, of which 2000 are for the ordinary people, 180 for VIPs and 20 for presidents.
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Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album
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Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album Impression of the Third Sister Liu Photo Album

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