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longji show, evening Entertainment
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 2 hours
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An artistic drama of theatrical outdoor scene made elaborately at a cost of about RMB10 million Yuan by Guilin Performance of Tourism and Culture Co.,Ltd., whose holding companyis Guilin Tourism Co.Ltd. This show embodies comprehensive strength of young artists of national level, and is performed in the form of theatrical outdoor - scene art invented uniquely in the country.

Real and vivid art shows minority lifestyle of Guangxi. When outdoor scene is exhibited artistically in the theatre, the stage art becomes realistic view and vice versa. It makes use of top-ranking lighting and dance art, beautifulminority costumes to integrate perfectly with minoritysongs, dances and realistic view of minority. It exhibits LongJi terrace which is handed down from generation to generation over thousands of years and is made by Longsheng minorities such as Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, etc.

It shows how Longji people work for life, express their feelings, and lead their lives. You will feel that Longsheng terrace is magnificent and minority songs and dances of guangxi are attractive. When you come to the outdoor-scene theater, ancient wooden houses, suspension bridges, flowery zhuangbrocades, Red Yao girls with long hair combing hair, singing local songs spinning and weaving, make you seem to be personally on the scene.

Outdoor scene art of LongJi will show you strong-flavor lifestyle pictures of minority in an artistic form, and put you into minority life of the northwest Guilin to experience strong-flavor lifestyle of minorities.

LongJi is the first creation of the conception of outdoor scene art of the domestic theater. It is a song to eulogize an natural and humanistic spirit of Longji. It is an ideal and reality of a harmonious talk between human and the environment. All this makes people feel the spirit of Longji people and magnificence of Longji, and makes those who never came here eager to come, and those who have come here think the trip to Longji is worthwhile.
Longji Show, Opera of Guilin Local Minorities, Click to enlarge
Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show
Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show Photo of Longji Show

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